About Us

How it All Began

  I was never a lawn guy growing up. I did do the standard for my small town of walking around with the lawn mower and a bucket full of car wash supplies trying to earn some cash for the arcade growing up. Fast forward to adulthood and just many other others starting out i lived in apartments.

   When I finally moved into a small town home complex, about 15 houses, I started to branch out and learn more about lawn care. Everything from sprinklers, tree pruning, trimming bushes, and finally to lawn aeration.

   While serving in the Navy I never really perfected those skills due to not be able to maintain a yard on a ship, but I did manage to have a fake plant on my desk and everyone thought it was real. It is amazing what floor polish can do to a plastic plant.

   Now that i retired from the Navy and found my new small town I have been working those skills for lawn care. After much thought I decided to open a lawn aeration business with three specialties to begin: lawn aeration, lawn leveling, and soil pH testing. I truly believe those three elements can be building blocks to a strong and healthy lawn.

   I hope to see you soon and even better if it as a returning customer.


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