Lawn aeration is the manipulation of the soil to create an opening to allow air, nutrients, and water to reach a deeper level of your soil.

We provide core removal lawn aeration. Which is a small plug of soil, 1 to 4 inches in length, that is taken out of your lawn and left on the grass to decompose.

   The other method most common (not provided by us) is a spike method that does not remove soil from your yard. In my opinion, the spike method compacts the soil around it which I feel is not the right approach to aeration.

Clean the yard of all items within reason, mow the grass, mark the sprinkler heads and whatever else should not be ran over by the machines, secures your pets, and water the lawn (normally) the day before. 

Honestly, no. Lawn aeration is not a need it is a want. Spend your money on paying down debt, saving for retirement or whatever else makes you happy. Now if having a beautiful lawn makes your happy then give us a call so we can help you achieve that happiness.

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