Soil pH Testing (offered all year)

Soil pH Testing (offered all year)

Per 10 samples

   Soil sampling to determine pH readings and will be a small mixture of soil (if requested) so you can send it off for soil testing. You will be given a drawing and soil information with known distances from your home (or other structures) so you can determine when and where soil amendments need to be added. We currently do not offer amendments as one of services due to insurance requirements. Since we are just starting, we need to keep expenses low. 

   Just to explain the photo. The positive portion of the photo is look at the root length. That section of grass I pulled the plug from is definitely one of the best grow areas on my property. Longer roots search for water and in turn make them better resilient against that summer heat we get in East Texas. Plugs are a good idea for smaller areas, but this photo was staged on the barren land because it is easier to see what is going on.

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