Soaker Hose and Pressure Regulator

Soaker Hose and Pressure Regulator

   Soaker hoses and watering your foundation. If you live in place where droughts are common you might have watered your soil around your foundation. So why use a soaker vs something else? The easy answer would be localized and regulated pressure, but in reality it does not matter what you use just as long as you are watering your foundation on a regular basis.

   So why the pressure regulator? Some soaker hoses come with solid gasket with a small hole in them. While the small does regulate pressure it is usually made of plastic and will wear over time. If the pressure increases you may bust your soaker hose.

   The hose bib pressure regulator I am using is set for when I am not running any other watering operations, so keep that in mind about when you set the pressure. I like 15 psi for 75 feet. Other factors to consider are the terrain, temperature, moisture in the soil, and soil composition.

   So for now just keep it simple, water your foundation and adjust one variable at time to figure out what works best for you and your lawn and foundation.

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