Thatch - what can yo do

Thatch - what can yo do

   Dethatch your lawn or do not, which is right for you? I will say yes even if your lawn is only 2 years old. Why - because no matter if you mulch, bag, or never cut your grass the thatch will build up and become a sponge layer preventing water from getting to the roots of your grass. The picture shows what two minutes will produce. Will you rip out some good grass as well, yes. The benefit in the long run pays off.

So which tool is right for you:

1 - Dethatching rake will test your stamina

2 - Pull behind mower has tines that are further apart and is easy

3 - dethatching blade for your mower, just need to set the rpm’s correctly and figure out the proper speed

4 - battery or gas powered dethatcher, rent or buy, and if you have interchangeable reels (tines, flail, vertical slicers, and a few more) then you need to select the proper one for your lawn

   As always, this type of service is dependent on what you want to do with your lawn. I like thatch in the spring/summer because it provides shade for the dirt, but if you plan on over seeding then Dethatch to give the best soil to seed contact. I like to Dethatch in the fall because our winters are mild along with the rain being infrequent it allows water to penetrate better. Side note, yes you should water your lawn is dormant if the temperature is above 40 degrees in my opinion.

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